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Safes and Combinations.

The ACT, like the SAT, is primarily a technique-based test. On our SAT Tutoring page, we talked about locks and keys. We’re going to change the metaphor a bit (and not just because we get bored writing the same stuff twice). There are many differences between the ACT and the SAT, but one of the biggies is that, while some students have trouble finishing the SAT in time, most students have trouble finishing the ACT in time. For this reason, we’d like to think of ACT problems as safes, and our techniques as the combinations. Our job is to give students the right combinations for each safe, and show students how to use these combinations, like a good bank robber, in a timely fashion.

Wait! Are we turning our students into thieves?! OK, enough of the analogy...

The point is, exceptional ACT tutoring begins with exceptional techniques. Our tutorial, The Ultimate ACT Tutorial, is the source of our curriculum. Our materials cover an astounding 98% of the problems found on the ACT. No other tutorial comes close. We patterned the format and lessons in this book on those of our highly-acclaimed SAT tutorial, The Ultimate SAT Tutorial. You can check out reviews for both books on Amazon: The Ultimate ACT Tutorial and The Ultimate SAT Tutorial. We think you’ll be impressed.

Taking practice ACTs is an important part of our curriculum. For practice on real ACTs, we use a book written by ACT, Inc., the company that writes the actual ACT. That's right: we use REAL ACTs! Some folks think we're geniuses for marrying our curriculum to real ACTs written by the ACT test makers. We think it's common sense.

Combine our ACT materials with tutors who really know how to connect with their students, and you’ll be all set for a clean getaway with moneybags filled with ACT success (sorry, couldn’t resist).


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