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There are no dumb questions.

But there are frequently asked ones...

How much do you charge?

KlassTutoring is proud to offer exceptional tutoring at affordable prices. To see our current rates, and compare our rates to our competitors' rates, please click here. For most programs, there is an added charge of $85* for the student's materials, which includes KlassTutoring's The Ultimate SAT or ACT Tutorial, a book of real tests (yes, real, honest-to-goodness SATs or ACTs), a homework packet, and more. We encourage prospective clients to "shop around." We are confident you will see that for comparable one-on-one tutoring, we offer the best value and the most flexibility while providing you with the best tutors and techniques available.

*Rates are current as of August 2017 and may change at any time.

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Why is KlassTutoring So Much More Affordable than the Competition?

Two words: low overhead. Since all of our tutoring is one-on-one, and since we don't have classrooms (we drive to you), we don't need to pay rent on a central place of business. In other words, KlassTutoring's administration team works from home. Which is good for you (and frankly for us, too - have you seen the traffic lately?). And here's the amazing thing: While our rates are the lowest in the industry, our tutors are typically the highest-paid. (Don't believe us? Call some of our competitors and pretend like you're looking for tutoring work. Seriously, if you have the time, give it a try. Then call us. When the shock of our competitors' high-margins wears off, you can even sign up for tutoring during the same phone call!)

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What Are "Tutoring Referral Companies" and Why Should I Avoid Them?

Tutoring Referral Companies, as the name says, refer tutors to clients. These companies basically function as "middlemen" between clients and tutors. You can usually identify a referral company by its variety of rates from tutor to tutor (from very low to very high), thus making it hard for these companies to clearly post their rates online (you'll probably have to call or email). The real problem with these referral companies is the lack of quality control. Each tutor uses a favorite curriculum. Each tutor teaches however he or she wants. Tutors might have extensive and impressive educational backgrounds. They might have tons of tutoring experience. They might be great communicators. Or, of course, and here's the rub, they might not. You simply don't know. At KlassTutoring, we take out the guess work.

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Why Should I Work with KlassTutoring?

We could tell you we have the best tutors (just like every other tutoring company). We could tell you our curriculum is the most effective (who wouldn't say as much?). We could guarantee you'll increase your score at least 1,000 points (and then follow that up with enough fine print to make you go blind). So what do we do differently? We give you great tutors, we utilize a proven and effective curriculum, and we provide an honest, "small-company" experience that you can't get with the other guys - and we do it for a heck of a lot less money. See our rates on our Rates page.

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Where Do You Offer Your Tutoring Services?

We tutor all parts of Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Pasadena. Our wonderful tutors go to you, so wherever you are, we're here - or we should say there - to help!

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Do You Offer General Academic Tutoring?

Yes! There's a lot more to getting into college than doing well on the SAT/ACT. We offer expert tutors in a number of subjects, from calculus to essay writing to chemistry. For more details on general tutoring, see our Non-SAT/ACT page.

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There is no short answer to this question. First, it's important to know that the two tests are scored on a curve. This means that a student's score is measured against all other students' scores for a given test. For this reason, students should typically not expect big differences between their SAT and ACT scores.

There are differences, however, between the two tests that may make one test preferable to the other for some students. Here are four questions that can help us make an informed decision:

  1. How does the student do in science classes (biology, physics, chemistry)? The ACT has a science section. It doesn't really test science, per se, but students who excel in their science classes will probably be more comfortable with this section.
  2. Is math a strength or a weakness? Half of the SAT's total score is determined by math, compared to only 25% for the ACT. Thus, math geniuses might go for the SAT. (But math geniuses are often science geniuses too, in which case it's a wash.)
  3. Does the student typically finish tests early or late? The ACT is harder to finish in time. Slow workers should consider the SAT. (However, if you get extended time, definitely consider the ACT. Extra time is a greater advantage on this test.)
  4. Is the student an avid reader with a good working vocabulary? Most students find the reading passages harder, and the questions more difficult, on the SAT. Less-than-great readers should consider the ACT.
  5. The current ACT has been around a lot longer than the current SAT (new in 2016). Tutoring companies have more information (i.e. practice tests) to base our curricula on for the ACT. Thus, in case of a tie, we recommend the ACT. Finally, some students might prefer to take a couple diagnostic tests and compare percentiles. We're happy to supply the tests and compare the scores. This is the safest approach, but the above questions typically direct the student to the correct test.

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Should I Get Tutored for Both the SAT and the ACT?

We do not recommend getting tutored for both tests. Make an intelligent decision before you start tutoring, and stick with it. Even though there is considerable overlap between the SAT and the ACT (especially now that the SAT has been redesigned to, in many ways, reflect the ACT), the two tests are still quite different. We think that focusing on just one of the tests will help a student master that one test. See the FAQ above, or give us a call. We'd be happy to help you make the right choice.

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When Should I Take the SAT/ACT?

We recommend taking the SAT or the ACT for the first time in late winter or early spring of the student's junior year, which means, if possible, getting started fall of the junior year, or perhaps the summer before the junior year.

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When Should I Sign Up for SAT/ACT Tutoring?

You should start working with KlassTutoring at least 10 weeks (2 months) in advance of your scheduled test date if you sign up for the 20-hour program, 15 weeks (nearly 4 months) in advance for the 30-hour program, and at least 5 months in advance for the 40-hour program. (We can accelerate any of the above programs by meeting for more than 2-hours per week, and we can also customize a program for last-minute tutoring.)

Summer tutoring is a great way to get a head start on SAT or ACT preparation. There's no better cure for those long, boring days of summer than some exciting SAT/ACT tutoring! (Yes, this is sarcasm.) Students might not love the idea, but summer tutoring allows students to effectively prepare for the SAT or the ACT without the added stress of other school-year responsibilities. In addition, students who wish to take the test in the fall can complete one of KlassTutoring's shorter programs over the summer. Summer tutoring is great for to-be juniors looking to get a head start, or to-be seniors who want to take the test one more time.

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How Long Are the Tutoring Sessions?

Depends on whom you ask - some students say our sessions seem interminable. We, however, think that one two-hour session per week works great for most students for SAT/ACT tutoring. Of course, we are flexible and can typically tutor for more or fewer hours per week if requested.

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What If I Am Taking the Test in Less Than Three Months?

The 20-hour program takes 10 weeks (2 and 1/2 months) to complete if meetings are scheduled for two hours per week. To accelerate the program, we can meet for more than 2-hours per week; the student, however, should be prepared for an increase in homework.

We can also develop a "crash course" curriculum focusing only on a student's greatest areas of opportunity by analyzing a diagnostic test or reviewing past SAT, PSAT or ACT scores. Give us a call, and we will help create a schedule that works within your time constraints.

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How Many Times Should I Take the SAT or ACT?

One of our students once asked us if he should take the SAT seven times during his junior year (every time it was offered). When we stopped laughing and realized he was serious, we said no and recommended that he sign up for a class on perspective. (We didn't really tell him about the perspective class, and we're not really sure if one exists, but our answer is still no.) Yes, the SAT and the ACT are important, but standardized tests are only one part of a student's college resume. Thus, for most students, we recommend taking the SAT or the ACT at least twice and no more than three times. Students often do well the second time they take the test because of the experience they have gained taking such a lengthy test the first time. They know what to expect and are thus better prepared and more comfortable.

Taking an official SAT/ACT in the middle of a KlassTutoring program is fine. It gives us an accurate look at a student's progress. Obviously, the second scheduled testing should take place after the completion of the KlassTutoring program.

If a student has not reached his or her desired score after the second test, or if further advanced study (perhaps over the summer) is desired, then taking the SAT/ACT a third time is encouraged.

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How Much Tutoring Do I Need?

There are several factors that you should consider when deciding how much tutoring you need.

  1. Student's score-increase goal: There are many publications that outline average SAT and ACT scores for various colleges and universities. Identify some of the student's target schools. Shoot high, but have some backups. Estimate how many points the student would like to raise his or her score, and then review our SAT Programs or ACT Programs pages for estimated score increases. If a student needs to raise his or her score more than 300 points (SAT) or 5 Composite points (ACT), the 40-hour programs are highly-recommended. If a student needs to raise his or her score by more than 1,000 points, we have a wizard on staff (in other words, you might aim a little lower).
  2. Time before final SAT/ACT test: KlassTutoring's standard programs take anywhere from 10 weeks to over 5 months (custom programs may take less time). We recommend that students plan to take their second SAT/ACT in the spring of their junior year. Since many colleges accept SAT/ACT scores as late as fall or winter of a student's senior year, a student who desires further score increases may study over the summer after his or her junior year and take the SAT or ACT a third time.
  3. Budget: Decide what your tutoring budget is. Every hour of tutoring is important, so take comfort in the fact that our rates are among the lowest for one-on-one SAT and ACT tutoring.

Need help? For most students, 30 hours of tutoring is a sensible and realistic choice. Score increases are usually significant, and cost and time commitments are kept relatively in check. Please contact us today, and we can walk you through the process above and help you select the program that is right for you.

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Can I Customize Any of the KlassTutoring Programs to Focus on My Weaknesses?

Of course! The 20, 30, and 40 hour programs, as outlined on our SAT Programs and ACT Programs pages, work for most students, but we can also focus on selected parts of the KlassTutoring curriculum. Each individual test (Writing, Critical Reading, and Math for the SAT and English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing for the ACT) can easily be taught separately, or we can focus on more specific topics, such as essay writing, reading-passage questions, or, for the less-artistically-inclined of our students, the art of filling in bubbles. As the most flexible tutoring company in the industry, we can tailor any tutoring schedule to meet your individual needs.

Important Note: Keep in mind that even if one of our standard programs is chosen, tutors are trained to focus on students' weaknesses, or "areas of opportunity," as we like to call them. In addition, students tend to work quickly through material that they are comfortable with. This allows tutors to naturally spend more time on difficult or more unfamiliar topics.

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How Do I Sign Up with KlassTutoring?

Unfortunately, you have to communicate with a live person (but we're working on removing the human element soon so we can be more like our competitors). Contact us at info@klasstutoring.com or call 310-948-1393 for questions or to set up a tutoring plan. Our huge staff of operators (that would be Emily) is standing by.

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How Much Money Should I Expect to Spend on Tutoring?

Of course, how much you spend depends on how long you choose to work with KlassTutoring. Once you have determined an appropriate program length, review our rates on our Rates page.

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Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes! If you pay for an entire program in advance, we take 5% off the total price of tutoring (not including materials). We also offer referral rewards. Much of our business comes from referrals from happy clients, and as a token of our appreciation, we award a free hour of tutoring (up to $140) - or if you prefer, a $50 payment - for each referral. These awards can add up, so once you see how good we really are, start spreading the word!

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How Many Points Will My Score Increase After Working with KlassTutoring?

The number of points a student's score will increase generally depends on how focused a student is during tutoring lessons, how diligently the student works on homework and practice tests, and how long the student works with KlassTutoring. Typically, a diligent and focused student can expect score increases of 100 to 150 points (SAT) and 2-3 composite points (ACT) for 20 hours of tutoring, 150 to 250 points (SAT) or 3-5 composite points (ACT) for 30 hours of tutoring, and over 250 points (SAT) or 5 points (ACT) for 40 or more hours of tutoring. Higher score increases are common. Increases also depend on a student's starting scores (higher starting scores do not usually go up as much as lower scores because there is less room for increase). Please read our Testimonials section to see actual score increases.

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Does KlassTutoring Offer a Score-Increase Guarantee?

At KlassTutoring, we have several reasons why we do not have a score-increase guarantee. The "fine print" is a big one. Most of our competitors who offer these guarantees say something such as this:

Students must attend all program sessions, take all assigned practice tests, and complete all homework assignments.

Because of the pressures of high school and other activities, even our best students have trouble completing all homework assignments on time, and rare is the student who does not miss at least one lesson. Tutoring companies that offer score-increase guarantees are counting on their students to not be perfect.

But it gets worse. If you read the guarantees carefully, most of them allow students to retake the class (and we stress class) for free. In other words, the student can sit in an otherwise empty chair and learn the same stuff that didn't work the first time. Or if the student worked one-on-one, then the only choice is to take an SAT class, a seemingly less-effective form of tutoring than the one-on-one tutoring that the client paid for originally. And worse still, one of our competitors (go ahead, search around, it's one of the biggies) says the following:

...you may repeat our Classroom Course at no charge other than a $200 administrative fee.


Score-increase guarantees send the wrong message. Scores do not automatically go up. There is no magic, score-increase pill that students can swallow. Every SAT tutoring company knows this. Students must apply themselves diligently to their lessons and assignments - plain and simple. At KlassTutoring, we can say with confidence that those students who focus intently on their tutoring lessons and work hard on their homework assignments will increase their scores beyond their expectations. That's our guarantee.

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Who Are Your Tutors?

Every single SAT/ACT tutor has a college degree. No exceptions. Our tutors are graduates of some of the nation's top universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, USC, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell, and most of our tutors have graduate degrees. (College education may seem like a no-brainer, but go ahead and ask our competition about its tutors. You might be surprised.) Please read more about our tutors on our Tutors page.

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Can I Get Tutored by the Owner?

Yes. Erik Klass does take on a limited number of students. He currently charges $210/hour for tutoring, and works exclusively from KlassTutoring's office in Culver City, which, truth be told, is his home. If you would like to know more about working directly with Erik, you can email him at erik1@klasstutoring.com.

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What If I Am Not Satisfied with My Tutor?

As we only hire the best, we are confident you will have a positive experience with your tutor, but if you have any concerns regarding your tutor, please call us immediately. We will promptly address your needs and make any necessary adjustments.

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Where Does the Tutoring Take Place?

Our SAT and ACT tutors are available in most parts of Los Angeles and Orange County. They can come to your home (typically at no additional cost to you) or meet at another place of your choosing, such as a library or coffeehouse.

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Do You Offer Group Tutoring?

KlassTutoring does not organize group or "classroom" tutoring, and we generally don't recommend group tutoring because of the obvious strengths of one-on-one teaching. We will, however, tutor groups of five or fewer students if the group is arranged by the client. Each student should be at a similar SAT or ACT level and, of course, have similar scheduling availability. Please call us to discuss group discounts and other important information about group tutoring.

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How Do I Sign Up for the SAT or ACT?

All test registration must be done through either the College Board website or the ACT website.

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