Locks and Keys.

The SAT is primarily a technique‐based test. We like to think of the SAT as made up of a bunch of different locks (these are the SAT questions on the test), and each of these locks can be opened with a key (these keys are the SAT techniques needed to answer the questions). Our job is to figure out what keys each student needs, and to show the student how to use them. When a student finishes working with KlassTutoring, he or she will walk into the classroom on test day with a giant figurative keychain filled with tons of keys.

So perhaps you could say we're glorified key makers. OK, enough of the analogy...

The point is, exceptional SAT tutoring begins with exceptional techniques. Our tutorial, The Ultimate SAT Tutorial, is the source of our curriculum. It is one of the most highly-acclaimed SAT tutorials available. Besides being used "in house" at KlassTutoring, our SAT tutorial is used by tutors and schools literally around the world. Our materials cover over 99% of the problems found on the new SAT. No other tutorial comes close. But don't take our word for it. Check out our Amazon reviews of The Ultimate SAT Tutorial. We think you'll be impressed.

Taking practice SATs is an important part of our curriculum. For practice on real SATs, we use a book written by The College Board, the company that writes the actual SAT. That's right: we use REAL SATs! Some folks think we're geniuses for marrying our curriculum to real SATs written by the SAT test makers. We think it's common sense.

Combine our SAT materials with tutors who really know how to connect with their students, and you have the key (sorry, couldn't resist) to exceptional SAT tutoring.


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