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Proof is in the pudding.

The following are just a few of KlassTutoring's many satisfied customers. You can read even more testimonials on our Yelp page. And here's what CBS News has to say about us.

"KlassTutoring helped me go from a 1430 to a perfect 1600! What more can I say?" —Rachel D. (Yale-bound)

"With KlassTutoring, I raised my score by over 500 points!" —Will M.

"My daughter received early admission to Harvard yesterday! Her success is certainly your success. Thank you very much." -Tony C.

"I got a 2170!! 790 on writing 710 on math and 670 on reading! [Started at 1670; 500 point increase, out of 2400*] -Sean H.

"KlassTutoring was tremendously helpful. Mia raised her math score from 460 to 630, a significant accomplishment! Her final total score was raised from a 980 to a 1290-over 300 points! KlassTutoring was most helpful in providing strategies for dealing with both English and Math questions and for making good decisions on the test. During the tutoring sessions, the tutor was always completely patient and took as much time as was necessary to be sure that the concepts were understood. He never made Mia feel inadequate or uncomfortable when asking questions. Rather, he patiently helped her to see how to approach the subject. I would recommend KlassTutoring to anyone who needs to achieve better SAT scores." —Michael L.

"I know we haven't spoken in a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I got a 5 on my AP!!! I really want to thank you again for helping me get that result, and for turning me into a better calculus student. Also, by getting the 5, I was able to place out of freshman math at USC." —Oliver P.

"My daughter, Anna, was tutored by KlassTutoring for the SAT. Although very bright, she did not usually do well on standardized exams. Her PSAT score was 1190. KlassTutoring was able to help her achieve a 1430 on her SAT and give her a lot of self-esteem. KlassTutoring was well worth the investment, and I recommended them to many friends and truly feel that the individual attention provided is a necessity for many of our children in the pressured academic environment. KlassTutoring is exceptional!" —Helen S.

"We used KlassTutoring for my three children for the SAT when they were high school juniors. The tutor was a dedicated, patient, and thorough teacher. The children enjoyed working with him, and all three of them made marked improvements in their scores. One of my son's scores improved from 1120 to 1400!! I would enthusiastically recommend KlassTutoring for SAT prep." —Donna L.

"Every contact with Klass Tutoring has been informative and a pleasure. The tutor KlassTutoring matched Jake up with was a fabulous match. A terrific young man in his own right, he connected with Jake's learning style, tailoring the SAT course to Jake's strengths and areas needing work. He also was fluent in the math Jake was studying, helping Jake understand concepts that had eluded him in class, as well as preparing him for tests. We could not have been more pleased. As well, Klass tutoring has responded immediately to "math emergencies" and we are so grateful! I would happily and confidently recommend Klass Tutoring to anyone. Thanks again for all your help." —Katie K.

"My score went from a 1650 to 2100 [450-point increase, out of 2400*]. Thank you, KlassTutoring!" —Austin B.

"When we started working with KlassTutoring, my son's SAT scores were average (his PSAT score was 1500). After working through the 40-hour program, my son learned techniques and methods that allowed him to take the SAT with confidence and comfort. This past spring, he scored 1950, a 450-point increase! Thanks KlassTutoring for all your help! [out of 2400*]" —Mindy E.

"My daughter completed the 30-hour program with KlassTutoring in May. KlassTutoring taught her the techniques and gave her the confidence to raise her score 320 points in just a few months! She was very pleased with her final score of 2190 [out of 2400*]. I would highly recommend KlassTutoring to anyone interested in significantly raising his or her SAT score. [out of 2400*]" —Leslie P.

"I just wanted to thank you for sending Emily to us. She was wonderful and my son's scores went from 1750 to 2030 [out of 2400*]. We're just thrilled and will have no hesitation recommending Klass to friends... as well as looking you up in a few years when our younger son will be preparing for college." —Rhonda H.

"Thanks so much for all your help with all those hours of SAT prep! The results came out today and I wanted to share with you that I received a super score of 2090!! Critical Reading: 650; Math: 740; Writing: 650 (superscore 700) [out of 2400*]. I am really pleased with these results (and my parents too)." —Monica S.

"Great news! I got a 2070 [out of 2400*] on my SAT!! I'm so thankful to have had you as a tutor--you were always so encouraging and you helped me tremendously! In case you were wondering, this is how much I've improved since March: Critical Reading: 660; Math: 580; Writing: 640 [Note: These were 'midterm' scores]. I couldn't have gotten this score without your help and all your tricks. Thanks again!" —Candice H.

*Pre-2016 score: the test was out of 2400.


"KlassTutoring helped me go from a 1430 to a perfect 1600! What more can I say?" —Rachel D. (Yale-bound)

"Everyone at KlassTutoring, I want to thank you all for making my experience so wonderful. I knew from the start that this was the company for me. You actually cared about how I did on the SAT instead of other companies who just take the money. Well, to put a cherry on top of my experience is that I got a 1920 [out of 2400]!! This score blew me away since I got a 1500 on my practice test. Can you believe such an increase?! I was especially shocked to find my Writing score the highest (710) because that was my weakest subject. Every time I had a session with Lauren, I always avoided the essay section. But this essay, I got a 10! Thank you very much for making this possible. I still can't believe my score." —Kelly Y.

"KlassTutoring quickly established a very constructive working rapport with my son that motivated him to prepare for, and fully participate in, the actual tutoring sessions. It is clear that KlassTutoring's assistance was instrumental in improving my son's grades, his SAT score (1450), and contributed markedly to the favorable profile that he was able to present to colleges, resulting in his acceptance at a number of excellent schools including Harvard and Stanford. Working with KlassTutoring was a rewarding and supportive experience for my son and our family." —Jerry W.






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